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Wenzhou Chengben Machinery Co., Ltd. has sufficient technical strength, superior processing equipment and complete testing methods. Our company has a senior research & development team consisting of a group of several engineers with abundant experience and sophisticated skills, and other middle and senior level scientific and technical personnel, and also has an elite enterprise management team with rich marketing experience, so as to create a great enterprise that integrating modern science and technology as the main system and modern management system together.
Our company¡¯s products have won many national patent product titles, and our company has been honorably named as the municipal ¡°innovative and advanced unit¡± and ¡°excellent quality and integrity demonstrative unit¡±. Our company¡¯s shoe-machines mainly produce two categories of shoes: machinery of rubber overshoes and machinery of leather shoes, with a wide range of products such as dryer, shoemaking assembly line, six-color surrounding strip machine, compound machine, toe lasting machine, seat lasting machine, etc. The new model lasting clamping machine designed and developed by our company itself has been verified through Zhejiang Provincial product identification, as the only one fixed scientific and technological project in the shoe-making industry in Ruian. In addition, that project has achieved science and technology progress award, and is applying for national torch plan.
The raw materials used by our company are mainly from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Taiwan, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. Our company¡¯s products have been sold to all around the world, including Vietnam, India, Malaysia and other overseas marketing, as well as Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu and other domestic marketing.
We adhere in the market-oriented operation concept, integrate the latest changing customer demands, persistently make innovation, and create a healthy after-sales system and quality guarantee system. We will make efforts to combine humanized design and become outstanding in the similar industry, in order to consolidate our enterprise¡¯s rapid development trend, looking forwards to your sincere cooperation.

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